Why train with us

Why train at

"Buick's Karate Dojo"

The most important reason is the teacher

"Sensei Buick"


Let me introduce myself. My name is Joe Buick. I am the owner and Sensei of Buick's Karate Dojo. I know that there are some things that you would like to know about the person that is going to teach you or your children the Martial Arts. I will be concise and please allow me to use some "I did this", "I did that's" and "I am’s".

Buick's Karate Dojo is the only Traditional Martial Arts Dojo in Maple and Stouffville. We are the oldest Traditional Martial Arts Dojo in Maple and the biggest Martial Arts facility in Stouffville.

I have been training people in the Martial Arts longer than most, if not all the instructors in the immediate areas of Maple and Stouffville have been alive and or been training! I have been training people in Traditional Martial Arts since 1973.

Most Martial Arts instructors don't have the practical experience that I bring to the floor. Being involved in the Entertainment Business, Night Clubs, Personnel Security and Owning Pubs/Restaurants are just a few of the areas that have given me a wide variety of practical experience. This alone enables the training at Buick's Karate Dojo to be reality based.

I am a National, International, World Competitor and Champion.

I am a Emergency Relief Teacher for the Toronto District School Board.

I am a volunteer at Pringdale Gardens Public School (TDSB).

My wife is a Public School Teacher (TDSB) and Educational Advisor for Buick's Karate Dojo.

Publications that Sensei Buick has appeared in include The Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, Contrast, Kung Fu Magazine, Canadian National Karate Magazine, Vaughan Weekly, The Liberal and Got My Kids Guide.

Television that Sensei Buick has appeared on include CTV, City TV, Channel 11, Niagara Regional Channel 10, BC Provincial TV, Buffalo Channel 4, Pittsburgh TV and Washington TV.

The best way to find out what kind of Sensei I am is to come in and watch my students perform great Martial Arts. Try a free class. Feel free to ask my students and parents what they think.


Last but not least I am the sum of the Sensei's that I have been privileged to train with.

Sensei Shoshin Nagamine

1907 - 1997

Tenth Dan, Founder of Shorin Ryu - Matsubayashi Ryu

Awarded Sensei Quai Wong Seventh Dan

Awarded Sensei Quai Wong the title of North American Ambassador of Shorin Ryu - Matsubayashi Ryu


Sensei Quai Wong

Father of Canadian Shorin Ryu - Matsubayashi Ryu

Seventh Dan, North American Ambassador of ShorinRyu - Matsubayashi Ryu

2007 Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame Inductee

Sensei Wong taught Sensei Buick's first Sensei, Sensei Bill Bailey.

Sensei Quai Wong has been my Sensei since 1996

Wong's Karate   Est. 1962

Located: 2384 Kingston Road, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Phone: 416-267-2623

1   2   3

4   5   6

1 Sensei Wong, in Japan, 1969, Sensei Yamaguchis Dojo (Japanese Goju Ryu founder).

2 Sensei Wong, at his Main Street Dojo, teaching Sensei Bailey at yellow belt.

3 Training with Sensei Wong at his ever popular Black Belt class, Kingston Road Dojo.

4 & 5 One of Sensei Wongs wonderful visits to Buick's Karate Dojo.

6 Sensei Wong, awarding Sensei Buick the honour of another one of his Black Belts.


Sensei Bill Bailey

Student of Sensei Wongs and Sensei Buicks first Sensei, since 1973.

Bailey's Karate Dojo

1   2   3

4   5

1 & 3 Who is that young blue belt doing a flying crescent kick and throwing that round house kick ? Yes, that's Sensei Buick at Bailey's Karate Dojo.

2 One of Sensei Baileys wonderful visits to Buick's Karate Dojo.

4 Saturdays at Bailey's Karate Dojo. See if you can spot Sensei Buick.

5 Bailey's Karate Dojo goes to Muscle Mans Beach. Yes that's Sensei Bailey and Sensei Buick comparing muscles.


Randy Couture UFC Heavy Weight Champion of the World invited Sensei Buick to the

Grand Opening of his new MMA gym “Xtreme Couture Toronto”

May 31, 2008 



                         2   3

1 Heavy Weight Champion with Sensei Buick

2 Heavy Weight Champion with Sensei Corrado

3 Heavy Weight Champion with Sensei Locanto-Mazzoli


Our Second and New Stouffville Location

Grand Opening

February 24, 2012 


 1 2 3

 4 5 6


1 The Great Women that stands beside the man

2 The ribbon cutting ceremony 

3 The Dojo’s Senseis and students from the Maple Dojo

4 Students from the Maple Dojo

5 Students from the Maple and Stouffville Dojos

6 Parents from the Maple and Stouffville Dojos

7 The first students of the New Stouffville Dojo & their parents “The Moors”


The second reason is

"The Black Belt Team" 


The Fabulous 5 and Sensei Buick

In ranking order:

Sensei Mazzoli - Far Left - training over 7 years

Sensei Corrado - Centre - training over 7 years

Sensei Locanto-Mazzoli - Far Right - training over 7 years

Sensei Mazzotta - Second from the left - training over 11 years

Sensei Subamany - Second from the Right - training over 7 years

Including Sensei Buick we bring over 80 Years of Martial Arts experience to teach our Students !!!


The third reason is

"The people that participate in Buick's Karate Dojo"

I am a lucky Sensei because I have a wonderful group of people at my Dojo (Club). This great group of participants are parents, grand parents, brothers, sisters & other family members as well as students. The truth is that they are all considered friends of Buick's Karate Dojo. These people are always ready to support the students and Dojo at all times. It is wonderful for me as a Sensei to be part of something as great as this Dojo.

The next reason is

"The Facilities"

The floors at Buick's Karate Dojo are covered with state of the art flooring, impact engineered specifically for Karate training. The flooring is designed to reduce injuries from impact on joints and all other parts of the human frame. We have a complete array of focus mitts and pads along with speed bags and heavy bags. Our wall of mirrors always allows you to have a good look at all your Karate techniques.

The Maple Dojo


The Stouffville Dojo


Another reason is

"Internationally Affiliated & Recognized"

Zen Bei Butoku Kai International

Buick's Karate Dojo is internationally affiliated and recognized by the Zen Bei Butoku Kai. This organization is rooted in Japanese tradition. Sensei/Dr. Richard Kim (Tenth Dan) was the founder of this organization. Sensei Kim was world-renowned for his teachings and books that he had written on the Martial Arts. Sensei Buick has a certificate on the wall at the Dojo from Sensei Kim recognizing him as a Black Belt of the Zen Bei Butoku Kai. After Sensei Kim's death in November 2001 one of his long time and world-renowned students, Sensei Brian Ricci continued to move forward and build this great organization.

All Black Belts at Buick's Karate Dojo have the opportunity to be internationally affiliated and recognized by the Zen Bei Butoku Kai. "Not many Karate Clubs can say that they are affiliated and recognized by such a prestige's organization as the Zen Bei Butoku Kai"

1   2   3   4

1 1996 Canadian Nationals, meeting with Sensei Richard Kim (founder Zen Bei Butoku Kai), Sensei Buick is being congratulated on his metals and his performance before the banquet.

2 1999 summer camp/grading, Sensei Dennis Head of Canadian Zen Bei Butoku Kai congratulating Sensei Buick on his grading.

3 1999 summer camp/grading, Sensei Kim congratulating Sensei Buick on his grading.

4 Sensei Buick thanking Sensei Brian Ricci (Successor to Sensei Kim and now head of the Zen Bei Butoku Kai) for one of the many wonderful seminars that he comes all the way from Boston to do for us twice a year.

One more great reason is we can help you

"Unleash your full potential"

Most people that I meet within seconds of finding out that I am a Sensei and teach Karate say, "I would like to try that one day" or "My kid has been asking to try Karate" and continue with "What do you think about me or my kid doing Karate ". My usual reply is "I don't know a single Black Belt that was born with Black Belt and didn't say exactly what you just said to me." The difference is they took the next step and tried a free class. Then they went to another class, and so on, and so on. Karate is just a series of next steps. In my case it's been over 39 years of next steps and I have enjoyed every one of them.

Most people talk about getting into shape and they start the latest craze and end up quitting because they end up on their own or it just gets boring. Karate is contagious, engaging, motivating and exciting. Before you know it you're slim, trim and in shape but the icing on the cake is you have learned how to defend yourself too.

Most of the students whether adult or kid at Buick's Karate Dojo can tell you a success story about weight loss, improved grades, defending them selves, stress relief, at work, school or home. In most cases people didn't think that practicing Karate would have been such a contributing factor to their life!

Don't wait - Try a free class today

and see what I mean !!!