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YOU !!!

"Unleash your full potential"

Most people that I meet within seconds of finding out that I am a Sensei and teach Karate say, "I would like to try that one day" or "My kid has been asking to try Karate" and continue with "What do you think about me or my kid doing Karate ". My usual reply is "I don't know a single Black Belt that was born with one and that didn't say exactly what you just said to me." The difference is they took the next step and tried a free class. Then they went to another class, and so on, and so on. Karate is just a series of next steps. In my case it's been over 39 years of next steps and I have enjoyed every one of them.

Most people talk about getting into shape and they start the latest craze and end up quitting because they end up on there own or it just gets boring. Karate is contagious, engaging, motivating and exciting. Before you know it you're slim, trim and in shape but the icing on the cake is you have learned how to defend yourself too.

Most of the students whether adult or kid at Buick's Karate Dojo can tell you a success story about weight loss, improved grades, defending themselves, stress relief, at work, school or home. In most cases people didn't think that practicing Karate would have been such a contributing factor to their life!

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