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We are privileged to have a Public School Teacher on staff that is able to consult with parents on their children's school needs !!!


Will Karate improve my child's grades in school ?

Sensei (Teacher) Buicks answer


If you have a Sensei that gets involved with his students, asks the right questions of his students and listens to the answers and if you have a Sensei that challenges his students to rise and maintain a high standard in life, then the answer is “YES” !!! The Sensei must also provide an environment that demands


I am always pleasantly surprised when a parent comes in and signs their child up after one of the local childcare teachers, doctors or teachers has recommended Buick's Karate Dojo. I usually ask two questions:

  1. Who recommended Buick's Karate Dojo ?
  2. Why did they recommend Buick's Karate Dojo ?

The answer to both questions usually goes something like this.

"My child's childcare teacher, doctor or teacher recommends you because that individual is working with a child that is having a great deal of success through the disciplined environment that you create at your club."

The truth is that I am very aware why we would be recommended. Some Karate clubs have very little discipline & structure.

That's where Buick's Karate Dojo is different.

We are highly discipline & structured.

Lets not forget


are the foundation of


These five elements transfer into other parts of a child or adults life at home, school or work, and yes success will follow. The repetitive and reinforcing nature of the Martial Arts enhances these five elements. Please don't take my word on this. Ask any of my students or parents when you visit Buick's Karate Dojo for a free class !

There are plenty of studies to support what has been said above but, please ask your childcare teachers, doctors or teachers about this and see what they say !

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