"Training people in the Martial Arts since 1973"

“Family owned and operated”

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The Maple Location

In the Longo's Mall 

(Northeast corner of Jane & Major Mackenzie) 

2810 Major Mackenzie Drive West, Unit #5, Maple, Ontario, Canada, L6A 3L2


While your child is training you can take care of all your family needs in this mall or after or before your training !

Yes, we are the oldest and only Traditional Karate Club in Maple, ever ! 

Why are we the oldest and only Traditional Karate Club in Maple, ever ? 

There is only one way to answer that question. 

Come in and try a FREE CLASS !


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Come in and try a FREE CLASS !

 Special Note:

Look out for "Belt Factories",

"Guaranteed Belts" and "Life Time Memberships" 


"Belt Factories" - These are Martial Arts Clubs that push you through a ranking process of stripes & solid coloured belt, usually two or more stripes between every solid belt. They charge $75 or more for every change in belts. You or your child are now a "Black Belt" in "two years"! The youngest "Black Belt" that I ever met was five & a half years old ! The minimum age in Okinawa or Japan is eighteen. The reason that I mention the "two year" period, is that these clubs generally speaking can't hold on to their students much longer than "two years". From a business perspective they want to maximize their revenue at all costs. Quality of instruction is usually poor. If the instruction is poor, what quality of Martial Arts will the student truly have? More importantly, if the instruction is poor, will the student be able to defend themselves if need be?

"What can you learn about Martial Arts and defending yourself in two years ?"


What a false sense of security !

"Guaranteed Belts" - These are usually offered at "Belt Factories" and you should consider this a sign that you are in a "Belt Factory" . How can anyone guarantee a Green Belt in six months or a Black Belt in two years when you haven't even met your client !

 What a false sense of security ! 

"Life Time Memberships" - 2,3,4,5 years or even "Life Time Memberships" are not legal in the fitness industryThis is also another sign that you are in a "Belt Factory". 

The main reasons that these kind of memberships are offered is one, if the club is about to close its doors forever, its a great way to get a lot of your money fast and run away with it ! The second reason is that it locks you in to a "Belt Factory" at the point where you don't know any better. Good club, bad club, good instructor, bad instructor etc... If the drop out rate in these clubs is "two year" or less you just lost a lot of money. By the way there is always a maintenance fee that you get charged every year with a "Life Time Membership" !

"This is the reason the government has made these practices illegal"

"I have a number of students that have trained in other clubs. Every one of them has said that they didn't ever have the Head Instructor in one of their classes, let alone meet the Head Instructor. Every one of the same students has said to me that they can't believe they are actually training with the Head Instructor of the club! I also know all my students names!"


Just wanted to let you know, it is impossible to earn a Black Belt in less than three years, even if you are training three hours a day seven days a week. I know that a lot of clubs are doing this. Remember, I didn't say buy a piece of material called a Black Belt, I said "Earn a Black Belt".

Never fear a Black Belt that is just a piece of cloth.

Always fear a person that has earned a Black Belt !

Author unknown

You earn a Black Belt by hard work, paying attention, listening, patience and last but not least blood, sweat & tears !

If you want to earn your Black Belt please come to Buick's Karate Dojo. If you want to buy one there are plenty of other clubs that will steal your hard earned money and let you buy a piece of material called a Black Belt !

To show you how much confidence I have in Buick's Karate Dojo as the place to train, I make the following offer. If you are not happy where you are training bring me your active contract from the club you are training at and I will give you one of the following:  

A) 25% off your old contract price.

B) My contract price. 

(My prices are generally better than the other clubs based on the quality of the training provided !)